GAMAYUN whistle: a support for Meduza Project

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In April 2021, online newspaper Meduza was designated as a foreign media agent by the Russian Ministry of Justice. Since the beginning of the year, another 11 media outlets, 42 journalists and 9 non-profit organization, including charitable ones, have also been included in the register of foreign agents.

In support of Meduza (and of an independent journalism in Russia!) we're releasing a souvenir – a wooden whistle Gamayun (or Sirin). A female headed bird of paradise is a recognizable image from Slavic mythology, where Gamayun is a prophetic bird and a folklore symbol of wisdom and knowledge, that lives on an island in the mythical east, close to a paradise. She is said to spread divine messages and prophecies, as she knows everything of all creations, gods, heroes and men.

! We will transfer 30% of the proceeds from the sale of the souvenir to the Meduza.
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A wooden whistle is a traditional Russian toy: craftsmen from different regions are making whistles since the X century. Our whistles are made of linden wood and are painted by hand.

W x H – 5 x 12,5 сm

We are based in St. Petersburg and ship worldwide with Russian postal service. After a dispatching of your order we'll give you a postal number to track the package. Regular delivery time is 1-3 weeks.

All toys are made of linden wood in Russia. In production we use only water-based paint and varnish, suitable for children’s use. All figurines are packed ecologically: in cardboards tubes or paper and linen bags, full of paper filler for protection.

Feel free to write us – we appreciate any feedback from you!
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