KOTOK Playthings are wooden toys, created with love and inspiration.


We are a graphic designers duo from Saint-Petersburg, where we design our toys and then entrust the realization of our ideas to the artel of craftsmen from the Nizhny Novgorod region. There the toy-craftsmen industry has been well-known since the XIXth century and has become a tradition.

Within the project we are also wondering about how traditional cultural phenomena are affecting modern decorative arts.


To work with talented craftsmen and support their distinct job, especially during current times of a global overproduction is a great joy for us.


Our goal is to create high-quality toys with a history that people of all ages will treasure and love.


Thank you for choosing us!


Feel free to contact us here via the website or via hello@kotok.toys – we appreciate any feedback from you. 

2020 – All-Russian competition-biennale of object design and an exhibition at the Moscow Museum of Decorative Arts "Invented and Made in Russia II": a winner in the "Crafts: Interior Decor" nomination.


2021 – 2022 – "History of Russian design. Essentials" exhibition, Moscow Design Museum, The State Tretyakov Gallery.


2022 – "Play with design" group exhibition at the Carme Contemporary Culture Centre, Valencia, ES.


intro.kotok.toys web site was selected by Readymag to participate in the "Projects of the Year 2020" voting and nominated in “Promos”.


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